Kimpura: Black Angus beef rib eye and more!

August  28, 2010

Level 3 Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave
Brgy Bagong Pgasa, Quezon City


Last Saturday, DH and I had a movie date night. But before that we had to eat so he asked me where I would want to eat, I said Kimpura. He said he miss Mey Lin's stir fried string beans with minced pork. I, on the other hand, miss teppanyaki. Guess who won? Me! It is but right because he was the one who asked me out on a date haha

free appetizer

We both got appetizer refill. I love dilis (salted and dried achovies).
tamago sashimi PhP90

shime saba PhP90@; shake sushi PhP85@

Both Shime Saba and Shake suhi are DH's order. It's his favorite!

shrimp rice PhP99

cooking of our mixed and shrimp rice teppanyaki style

mixed rice PhP85

Nothing special with their rice. DH ordered shrimp rice while I ordered mixed rice and both tasted the same lol Next time an order of plain rice would do.

ebi ala carte PhP68 per piece

I almost always order tempura but DH doesn't want it. Good thing, Kimpura has ebi tempura on a per piece basis. See Kimpura is not expensive at all ; p

miso and side salad with black Angus PhP995

Mar can cook

black angus teppanyaki PhP995

The reason I went to Kimpura is because of their black Angus beef! And it was all worth it! I love it and wish we could go here whenever we have our date night!

free dessert to go with the black angus beef

Its ice cream or buco sherbet. I chose the former.  I dont like their buco sherbet. For buco sherbet, got to Mann Hann ; p

One rant I have to share with you was about an eager beaver waiter who want to take away the paper mat while I am still eating my ice cream. Not only that he kept on getting the empty plates in front of my face. He could have gotten those empty plates on the side. Geez! I think he was just a trainee because he was wearing a different uniform. All I could mutter was "Can't you see that I am still eating?"

dining area

 one of the teppan stations; huge exhaust system

We made sure we were there at 6pm, after that time the restaurant is already packed with diners. Save for the waiter trouble,we left the restaurant full and I personally would want to go back hehe

I want to share with you recent photos from my Friday Shopping Night out with friends.

 shopping buddies

 unagi roll

I love anything that has unagi in it!

fried rice with toast on top 

I don't know if this practice is good for your health but I saw a kid once asking for the toasted rice as toppings on his fried rice. I tried requesting for the same thing done to my rice hehe It's very crispy no wonder the kid loved it. 


This tastes like takoyaki balls only shape like pizza. Takoyaki overload! haha

Alright! Till my next food post!