My visit: October 16, 2010

FunTea Fresh Unique Natural
679 Banawe St. cor Malaya St.,
Quezon City

When I saw on FaceBook about a new tea place in Banawe called FunTea, I have to try it. Little did I know, DH already gave it a try. After a week, he asked me if I want to taste FunTea. And so we went before we had our massage. 

I would want to learn more from the owners about their tea but the elder manager was a bit hesitant in giving out information. So, I will just fill you in with what we ate that afternoon. 

Wintermelon Grass Jelly 500cc PhP60

I love the taste of this! 700cc costs only an additional PhP10. I had the usual Pearl Milk Tea not in the picture, I am saving precious space.

Japanese corn PhP45

5pcs. of peppered sweet corn. I only get to eat a piece. DH forgot to share the rest with me. He must be really hungry ; p

pork chop PhP65

We ordered both spicy and original pork chop. We both voted for the original salt and pepper one as a better choice. The spicy pork chop is, well, spicy. It lacks the flavors of the original. Maybe the chef was just having a bad day? Just kidding lol

radish cake

I was dumbfounded when this order was served. I was accustomed to radish cake served in rectangular shape and not like this bite sized ones. But it sure saved me cutting time haha

Potatojos PhP45

Like Shakey's mojos? Order this because it's inexpensive as compared to Shakey's. Not as crunchy though but it's alright.

They have unique tea names such as France Lavender Milk Tea, Osmanthus Milk Tea and even Mint Milk Tea which I want to try on my next visit. Oh, and they have different toppings available aside from the usual pearl and pudding like coco jelly and coffee jelly.