Real Living: Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers

My event: October 22, 2010

Activity Area
Robinson's Galleria

Did you know that lemon has natural bleaching properties? And just half a cup of it when mixed with your laundry detergent will leave your laundry smelling citrusy? Or flushing a cup or more of baking soda down the toilet bowl can clean your septic tank? From painting a room to hanging a painting on the wall, all these can be found in Real Living's Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers. It's a handy guide to all quick fix and solution to your home. 

available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for PhP120
If you have been a loyal reader of my blog, you will know that I love home improvements. I write about home improvements once in awhile. And yes, I bought some of the vases I have inside Robinson's Mall. 

Real Living assistant stylist Coni Tejada 

contributing writer Arlene Maslog

Although I find that the talk has been stretched a bit, last Friday's event was insightful. For example, the importance of labeling was discussed. Labeling is a must in my opinion. I label all my bills, each placed in a white envelope with the name of the bill written in front (e.g. globe, pldt, meralco etc.) This system keeps me sane and update me which bill is due already.

host Patricia Bermudez-Hizon and guest star Cheska Garcia

I learned some new stuff like making coconut leaves as table runner. And I also learned that I am such an organized freak because I have been doing most of the tips discussed during the event ; p