Glass Pendant

dragon fly glass pendant in green and black

I went to Chinatown district in Singapore on my last day of vacation. And I shop till I drop lol This is also the reason behind my horrific experience on the plane. 

Royal at Chinatown

 Maxwell Food Centre

I have been searching for Maxwell Hawkers Market from the first day that we arrived in Singapore only to find out that it's in Chinatown area. It houses the best Hainanese chicken, Tian Tian stall #10, according to my online research. Too bad, we arrived in Chinatown in the afternoon. I guess my date with the best Hainanese chicken will have to wait. I should bring DH to Singapore for a whole lot of food trip next time!

We parked along Spring St. and this huge red structure would greet you when you alight. 

Moving along, I find this irresistible and cute glass pendant necklace. The store owner initially priced the glass pendants at 3 for S$10. I got it for 4 for S$. 

blue, gold and white glass pendant

I haven't worn this talisman looking blue, gold and white pendant. I have to think of a funky outfit to wear this with lol

purple and gold glass pendant

This purple and gold glass pendant is so classy.  I have already worn this several times. Partner this with a Italian chain chocker necklace and you are good to go. 

beauty blogger at TBS Thank You Party 

I was wearing my dragonfly glass pendant in green and black during The Body Shop Thank You Party!

I wonder if they sell glass pendants here. I hope I won't break any one of it because they are all so nice to look at. Oh, I gave the fourth pendant to my mom. I will take a picture of it, don't worry! To view, click here.