Universal Studios Singapore keychain

It was during my second day in Singapore when I was able to visit Universal Studios. Now I don't really plan on going to Universal Studios because I am not fond of thrill seeking rides... think Revenge of the Mummy. Plus, I have already been to Universal Studios Hollywood. But DH insisted that I have to go with my friends. On the bright side, I did shop for a Betty Boop gray shirt and 2 keychains lol And had so much fun, lining up to have my picture taken with Universal Studios mascots! S$66 was not such a waste at all lol

Betty Boop in soft enamel keychain S$ 7.90

I remember during elementary days, Betty Boop became such a huge hit among the girls in my school. My mom got me a Betty Boop metal lunch box from Hong Kong. I have to take a picture of it because I know I still have it somewhere hehe

I bought this Betty Boop keychain in Silver Screen Collectibles! There are so many designs to choose from and I settled for this. AC and I have exactly the same keychain.

Revenge of the Mummy letter M keychain S$6.90

While waiting for the rest of my company who were on the Revenge of the Mummy ride, I used my S$5 gift voucher to buy this Revenge of the Mummy keychain. I picked letter M because both DH and I can use it. I am thinking if he doesn't like an oversized keychain, I can always use it hehe So, letter M is a safe choice. M represents the first letter of my name and my surname hehe

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