Home Improvement: IKEA CHOSIGT grater with container

317 Alexandra Road

A trip abroad would not be complete without a visit to IKEA. I don't go there to shop for furniture. I go their to look for some quirky stuff to add to my home improvement. 

CHOSIGT grater with container S$4.90

And I fell in love at first sight with this CHOSIGT grater with container not because of its blue color which is my favorite but because it has 2 graters. One with smaller hole and one with larger hole. It is the size of a leche flan container. It has a lid container where you can store your grated cheese or whatever it is that you grated inside for future use. Plus the lid keeps it fresh and ready for next use. 


Stainless steel, Polyetylene plastic, Polypropylene plastic

Another fab find in Singapore!