Lu Restaurant in Rockwell

Lu Restaurant
G/F Joya Bldg.,
Joya Drive, 
Rockwell, Makati City

I passed by Lu restaurant when my family and I had dessert in The Ice Cream Bar last month. I secretly wanted to try it out with DH if ever we are going to be in that part of Makati. I don't know if the food is good though. As luck would have it, I got invited to an intimate merienda at LU during the Cream Silk Women Empowerment campaign

with the owner of Lu, Luis Terry

While waiting for the program to start, Luis was table hopping.  He strike a short conversation and surprisingly he spoke Tagalog fluently. He was entertaining guests and he obliged to have his picture taken with me and my fellow gorgeous bloggers. 

with fellow bloggers Kim, Julia and Phoebe

I learned that this Spanish born, half Filipino (Ilonggo) owns the restaurant. Ok, the apron, a gift from his sister was a dead give away lol His family owns Terry's Selection in Pasong Tamo. Most of the recipes in the restaurant are from his own family who really love to cook!

sun-dried tomato pasta with deep fried sardines

This dish comes as a surprise to me as it the first time I have tasted a fried sardines. And this I can tell you, it's good!

(left) lamb adobo paninis with goat's milk kesong puti 

When I saw the short menu... lamb alert! I grabbed the nearest panini and took a bite of the lamb adobo. I could not get enough of it but I have to share the whole plate with the other bloggers on our table lol Before I forget, what I didn't tell you is that I had about 3 slices of Lu's lemon yogurt cheesecake tee hee!

Oh, I will definitely ask DH to take me out on a date in this restaurant!