MOS Burger Singapore

My visit: November 17, 2010

Mos Burger
Bugis Junction

Before leaving for Singapore's Night Safari on our first day, Jo and I grab a bite at Mos Burger. Mos stands for Mountain, Ocean and Sun. Originated in Japan, I first saw this brand in Taipei several years back. I got excited when I saw it in Singapore. It brings back the good food memories of Taiwan. 

unagi rice burger S$3.70

Imagine a fist, that's how tiny my order of unagi rice burger, the price... S$3.70! But I love unagi and I heart Mos hehe And in spite of eating a lot in Wong Kok, I still got hungry haha 

It's a good thing I ate a merienda, the rice made me feel full throughout the night.  We had our dinner a little late that night. 

The past few posts were just from our first day, stay tuned for Day 2!