SeriAsia Ganoderma Body Moisturizer

Commercial muna, you all read about the Vanity Fair that I have attended, right? Well, I got a producat called SeriAsia. I am not familiar with the brand but I am willing to try the product. Good thing, I got a body moisturizer as a sample. I can't live without lotions that why I told you about hoarding a lot from the TBS sale a few days ago tee hee

SeriAsia Ganoderma Body Moisturizer 120ml PhP892

As I am typing this, I found out from its website that a small 120ml bottle of SeriAsia Ganoderma Body Moisturizer costs PhP892. Whoa! That's a lot of money! 

Here is what I like about the product, it's enriched with Vitamin E and no synthetic fragrances nor color are used in making this product. It penetrates quickly but I need more amount because the consistency is more watery than creamy. The strong scent of Bergamot can turn you off if you are not accustomed to it.  I have been using it for almost three weeks, so far, I have no skin irritations from it. 

watery consistency
As I scratched my arms right now to test if its dry, surprisingly, no white line is visible only the indention of my finger nails. So, I think it moisturizes long after I have applied it. Ok, how long? I took a bath at around 1pm and now, as I am typing this, it's already 6:21pm. 

If you have money to spend, spend it wisely. Choose a product that works well.