OKA b. Shoes That Love You

2 Orchard Turn #B3-11
ION Orchard Singapore

Even after two days of Night Safari, Universal Studios and Singapore Flyer, I was not happy until our last day which was shopping day! Shopping is synonymous to Orchard Road. And ff we go from my hotel, it's only S$4.60 or if you get on a freaking know nothing driver, you get a S$8.90 bill for the taxi. 

My friends and I rode Comfort Transportation SHA7114J. We didn't exactly feel the comfort in riding his taxi cab because the driver kept on making the wrong turn. We even passed by the highway, so we have to pay for ERP which I think is their version of toll fee. The driver gave me a receipt to prove that he didn't deceive us. 

OKA b. Marion Platinum with Clear Crystals S$39.95; US$30

You can't buy a thing in Orchard Road lol Everything seems expensive! 

I was lucky, I went in the basement part of the mall to go and find a toilet. The first thing I saw was the word Sale 50% off on the store of OKA b. (OKA bee) I often see the brand in upscale shoe stores here in the Philippines but I was not prepared to shell out money, not if its on sale.

So when I saw the sign, I had to go in the store and try a couple of shoes on. Originally priced at S$79.90 OKA b. Marion Platinum with Clear Crystal fits perfectly!

Here is the specs: 

1 3/4" heel
Antimicrobial and waterproof 
Built in massage beads
Made in USA

Small 22.5- 23.5 cm
Medium 24- 25 cm
Medium to Large 25.5- 26.5 cm
Large 27- 28 cm

I'll post about my Singapore trip soon! Meanwhile, I hope you like my new shoes lol