The Spa Rockwell

My event: November 17, 2010

R2 level, Archaeology Wing
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City
4706868 4707878

November 17 12am was my flight back to Manila from Singapore. OMG, I can't even begin how to tell you what happened to me on the plane but I am very happy to say that I had a relaxing time at The Spa.

So, I was late. I seldom get late during events but you have to give me break. I got home at 5am and was up and about by 8am. I was not able to catch some zzz's on the plane, you know! Plus, OK, I will tell you what happened on the plane. First, I had a splitting headache, then I took 2 paracetamol on board and then I puked. How's that for a good vacation ending, huh? It's a wise decision to attend this intimate gathering because I was able to enjoy some pampering. I deserved it lol

Oriental Foot Therapy PhP750

I was able to try The Spa's Oriental Foot Therapy. It is approximately 1 hour treatment. First, my feet was soaked in warm water filled with herbs. Then, the therapist massaged my feet and legs by kneading with oil. The best part for me was the warm towel wrapped on both my feet and legs. I feel so relaxed especially when she covered my eyes with cloth. If not for the people talking outside the room where I was in, the experience would have been perfect and I would have slept the entire time!

Barre 3 ballet barrre meets yoga and pilates; Sadie Lincoln on right

After the relaxing massage, I was toured around by Dincee Caluag of GreenBulb PR. The 330sqm facility of The Spa Rockwell is the fourth branch to house Barre 3 exercise studio. Other branches with Barre classes are Alabang, The Fort and Eastwood. Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre 3, graced the event but sad to say, I was not able to meet her as she was already handling a 60 minute class.

The Spa, now on its 14th year, is truly a one stop place for people who are in need of relaxing, pampering and wellness experience.

The Spa can also be found at these addresses: Acropolis, Eastwood, Alabang, Trinoma, Greenbelt and The Fort!