Vanity Vanity What Art Thou?

My event: October 1, 2010

Vanity Vanity What Art Thou?
The Ultimate Vanity Fair
Sky Dome

The program started with a game that my team didn't win haha But we had fun arranging and re- arranging letters that form I-AM-VAIN-BLOGGER.

Paul of PMP Communications

Liz gave a ten point lecture on how to up-the-ante of your beauty and fashion blog.

Liz of Project Vanity

Questions like "How vain are you?" and "When are you most beautiful?" were asked during the event. You don't want to know how vain I am, but if you must, just ask my husband and you will hear him whining than giving thumbs up on all the creams, sunblock and lotion that I put on my face and my body haha In the long run, he will see the light that I am saving him tons of money on botox and liposuction lol

dressed down to the max t- shirt and skirt; before picture

I was literally in my most comfortable clothes that day not knowing I will be a part of fellow beauty and fashion bloggers who were all dressed to the nines haha

What I am wearing:

Bayo hot pink t-shirt
maong skirt
xoxo bag
Baby Phat transition eyeglasses

What's a beauty event without a make over? Not that I need one, oh yeah, I need to learn how to contour my big, fat, cheeks! lol

make up guru, Toni, of The Body Shop

I head on to The Body Shop counter for that cheek make over haha Watch the video below ; p

part 1

part 2

after photo

Not much difference, noh? I just went home with a darker cheeks! Next time, I want to learn how to put on a smokey eye lol

Below are pictures of the co-sponsor of the event:

Gluta White and Firm

Organique Acai Premium Blend Juice Supplement

The Face Shop

Cenovis Fish Oil

San Marino Brand

Alo Youth and Vitwater Trim

Other sponsors were Mosbeau Placenta White, Walter Sugar Free Wheat Bread, Lung Caire Plus, Slimmers World, Philips Personal Care Products, SeriAsia, Lyf Center and Circulan 4-in-1. 

beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers

My Make Up Of The Day:


green from TBS, bronze from Lancome, highlighter from TBS and eyeshadow primer from ELF

I super love how the Fashion 21 black eyeliner didn't smudge the whole afternoon even though it was such a humid day. Best of all, it's inexpensive at Php85 only!

Thanks Liz of Project Vanity for the e-vite!