All I want for Christmas: Canon S95

I think I have been good for the whole year. And if Santa is reading this post, he will get a hint what I want for Christmas ; p

In the next few days, I will try and make a series of posts about what I want for Chistmas, so Santa will have a choice hehe

 photo source

My Canon IXUS 860IS have been with me for several years. With it I learned and have improved capturing wonderful food and fashion photos. I love it dearly. I really should give it a name lol

Given a chance to upgrade, I would really like another Canon camera. DH and I have always been a user of the brand. DH himself has a Canon DSLR.

picture source

Here are some specifications about Canon Power Shot S95
  • 28mm wide
  • ISO 3200 
  • 3.8 Optical Zoom
  • Blink Detection
  • HDMI
  • HD Video
  • 3.0" LCD screen
  • 10 Mega Pixels
  • Hybrid Image Stabilizer
Alright, watch out for my next All I Want for Christmas posts!