Aquaknox Restaurant

My visit: November 27, 2010

Aquaknox Vietnamese Kitchen
Madison Square, Greenhills

I have heard rave reviews about Aquaknox Restaurant in Makati. But as you now know, Makati is way too far for DH and I. When I saw its signage in Greenhills, I was delighted. And so one Saturday, we had our lunch date in Aquaknox!

We ate the following:

Pho Bo (Beef Pho) regular PhP90

Hanoi Style Rice Noodles Soup Beef Brisket and Raw Sliced Beef

DH has no complaints whatsoever with his order. I was able to taste the soup and it tasted good.
Tom Rim Man (Shrimp Rice) PhP140
Caramelized Garlic Shrimp with Scallions

The shrimp was undersized hehe but I have no right to complain because I only paid PhP140 for it. The rice was not good though. I think even Jollibee has a better rice to offer hehe I was not able to eat my rice ; (

Goi Cuon (prawn rolls) PhP90

Fresh rolls with a piece of shrimp, pork, lettuce, herbs and noodles. 

Noodles was aplenty. The pork and shrimp were sliced so thinly that I can hardly taste it. The peanut sauce was good though so I put a generous amount of sauce on my prawn rolls.

I also ordered Lychee Iced tea PhP80 which I find too sweet. I had to mix less than half a glass of water to suit it to my taste. 

Overall, I think Aquaknox Vietnamese Kitchen is no different from Pho Hoa in terms of price and food quality.