Naturteq Rosewood Nature's Immune Booster!

My event: November 23, 2010

Naturteq Direct
M Cafe
Ground floor, Greenbelt 4

Driving to Makati is such a hurdle to me. Many of my friends who would read this post would be surprised that I have driven to Makati in my lonesome. Why? Because I am such a scardy cat. I don't drive to a place I am not familiar with. Much less drive alone. Sure, I have been to Makati a thousand times but it's different when you are the passenger as opposed to being the driver. 

When I got an invitation to attend Naturteq Directs' Rosewood Food Supplement, I quickly looked for the venue and groan- Makati! Waaaaaah! I know I have to conquer Makati. I started with Rockwell then slowly moved my way up to Makati Ave. haha

Naturteq's Rosewood Narra Bark and Wood Supplement, Dermteq and Natursentials Omega-3 Fish Oil

Naturteq Direct, Inc. is a direct selling company formed in the first quarter of 2010 by an established company, Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC)

Early birds to the venue were given sample packs of Dermteq- a skin care line of Naturteq Direct that uses natural ingredients to have a healthy skin. I didn't get one because I was a wee bit late... again! I have to park my car at the other end of the mall lol But I think I did great. I conquered my fear of driving to Makati hehe

 Gregorio Mercado- Chairman PPLIC

 Bernie Mercado- General Manager of PPLIC

A short introductory program was hosted by Trina Borgonia and Jen de Leon. Geroge Mercado, chairman of PPLIC gave a brief background of the company, Philippine Prudential Life and how it came about while General Manager, Bernie Mercado talked about the wonders of Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus, Willd). A Traditional and Health Care Practitioner named Doctor Sonny Viloria also graced the event. 

Rosewood 30 capsules in a box PhP585

Rosewood 15 Teabags in a box PhP295

Rosewood is Narra to you and me. In the olden times, pure Narra is known to have healing powers. Nowadays, PPLIC through Naturteq Direct packaged it in capsules and in tea bags form. This food supplement when taken strengthen the immune system. 

The company's claim is that they are the first and only patented Rosewood Formula in the industry. No additives, no preservatives and no artificial colors or flavors were used in making this product. 

These are some of the benefits of Rosewood:
  • fights viral infection
  • prevent unwanted growth
  • lower blood sugar level
  • shrink enlarged prostate
  • relieves difficulty in urination
  • strengthen resistance against infectious diseases
  • relieve joint pains
  • relieve airway congestions
  • open clogged blood vessels
  • burn unwanted fats
  • wash away toxins
  • relieve pains in menstrual disorder
  • relieve the pain and shrink anal mass
Now, this product looks promising especially so when I learned that it could prevent more damage on the fingers of my mother who was diagnosed with Osteo Athritis. I use the word prevent because during the intimate gathering, people from Naturteq told us specifically that this is not a cure all but merely a supplement. Medications should still be taken continuously albeit in low dosage. Of course, consulting a doctor first is still recommended. I gave the sample boxes to my dear mother and I often check on her whether she is continuously taking the supplement for her fingers. I am crossing my fingers that her pain will lessen after consuming all four boxes. But I know, as with all supplements with no therapeutic claim, it takes time. 

This product is only available through direct selling. Visit the Naturteq for more info.

Naturteq Direct
2805 Raffles Corporate Center
F. Ortigas Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
4709980 ext.999