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My event: November 29, 2010

Seattle's Best Coffee
Greenbelt 3
Makati City

Ok, so I thought baristas have a secret code somewhere hidden behind the counter for every drink that you order. But I have seen none of that when I tried to experience being a barista for a day. Or shall I say, in my case, barista with just one order to take hehe

Superb Barista Danise and I

The video below was taken by my sister. Good thing she was with me that day because something happened after our event. Scroll down to jump to my misfortune. You will miss all my food photos though hehe 

Seattle's Best Coffee barista for a day Part 1

Seattle's Best barista in training Part 2

Monday is generally a very hectic day especially on the road. Good thing, it's a holiday and we made it just in time. Although a lot of bloggers were already seated, my sister and I were able to find us a table.

Below are photos of our order for this brunch event:

Cookies and Mint with Oreo range available in hot and cold drink PhP145

This is my sister's drink. Mint Chocolate Cookies & Cream Mocha is their newest addition on their menu.

Java Jelly PhP170

Even after requesting to lessen the sugar, I still find Java Jelly drink a bit sweet for my taste. Although I like the generous whipped cream on top and jelly bits found in my drink.

Pancakes with Bacon Php185

Who doesn't like pancakes and bacon for breakfast?

Chef's Salad PhP170

Chef's Salad consist of fresh garden salad, sliced ham, croutons, olive with parmesan cheese on top! Oh, and if that's not enough, chips on the side is included with the order.

Sausage and Mushroom Omelette PhP190

French toast? check! Sausage and Mushroom Omelette? check! Fruit Marmalade? check!

take a peek inside Sausage and Mushroom Omelette

Oreo Cheesecake PhP130

Above photos are shared by three persons including a fellow blogger and my neighbor, Animetric. We were all too full from the event. Thanks to Azrael for the invite!

Moving on to my misfortune, so, after the event we went straight to the parking lot. Moments after driving the curve, we heard a screeching sound on the pavement. To my horror, I found my tire flat on the pavement.

Greenbelt 5 guard fixing my flat tire

I requested assistance from the guard on duty near the escalator. A few minutes after, a guard came in motorcycle and replaced a new tire from my back compartment. Another guard came, I gave both guards PhP100 each which DH thought was too much. 

I later found out that my tire had been slashed. And to think my car was parked right in front of the door where a guard was manning the door. My tire was flat on the ground. How could it possibly happen? Maybe someone saw 2 hapless girls coming out of the car? I don't like to think that it's a modus operandi but I don't know what to say. I hope that this event will never happen to anyone.