Taiwan Chronicle: Shui-Du Spa Spring Resort

My visit: December 29, 2010

Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort
Xinbeitou, Taipei

NTD1480/ 2pax/ 2 hours stay

We were both so tired from two days of running around Taipei and we really needed a break so DH and I checked into Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort. We didn't ask around anymore if this was indeed the cheapest resort. But I can tell you, this spa was definitely one of the closest to the Xinbeitou Metro Station. Plus, I was not comfortable entering an open air public bath house. 

 facade of Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort

The hotel receptionist greeted us warmly and advised us of the 2 hour alloted period. She lets us choose from an album the type of tub we wanted, yes, there are several ; p She asked if we like to add NTD100 for an afternoon tea after check out at their lobby. We declined. She told us that there's an available and free tea/coffee sachets and 2 packs of sandwich cookies inside our room.

twin sized bed combined

Supplied inside the hotel room- 2 bottles of water, towels (hand, face & body), bath robes, magazines and toiletries (floss, soap, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shave and shaving cream & shower cap with pony tail).


The bathroom has a shower behind the door. A shower curtain separates the shower from the toilet seat. The red knob you see on the bath tub is where the sulfur spring water comes out. If you can't stand the hot water, you can open the white faucet beside it for water. Upon pressing the jacuzzi button, the lights inside the tub alternately changes in colors red, blue and green.

Remember, you can only stay a maximum of 10 minutes with each dip in the tub of sulfur spring water and a total of only 30 minutes with each visit.

The reception will give you a call a few minutes before your time is up. 

Oh, before we checked in, we ate at a restaurant just across Shui-Du Spa Spring Resort. 

pork chop over rice NTD 100

adobo egg

beef over rice NTD95

we passed by this tree

We had an awesome experience! I want to go back soon!


I went back two years after, here's where we stayed - Broadway Hotel ; )