Taiwan Chronicle: Jogoya

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My visit: December 28, 2010

3rd flor NEO 19
Taipei City Hall Station

5:30pm- 11pm

My first buffet in Taipei was with Jogoya. I was accompanied by my expat friends. I was amazed with the variety of food displayed. The following year, another friend invited DH and I to another food fest and you guess it, it's in Jogoya once again! So year after year, every visit to Taipei is not complete without a trip to Jogoya. 

eating in Jogoya always makes DH happy

People used to literally wait in line to be seated. And upon assigning a seat, you will then be given a notice that there is an alloted two hour period inside the buffet area. But recently, things have changed. We were not given the two hour time frame inside. After we paid, yes you pay first before getting inside, and handed three metal clips we were ushered right into our table. No long lines now. The three metal clips are used for placement of cook-as-you-order food like fish and steak.

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