Taiwan Chronicle: Xinbeitou

My visit: December 29, 2010


Xinbeitou (Geothermal Scenic Park)
Xinbeitou Station
Taipei, Taiwan

A few years back, I promised myself to visit the hot spring in Taipei. And on my last visit, I made sure DH and I allocate one whole day to visit Xinbeitou. 

picture taken in Geothermal Scenic Park

Hot spring hotels can be found in Xinbeitou while the Old Beitou has now became Commercial Quarter. It is located in Northern Taiwan. The source of hot spring came from volcanoes' geothermal energy. 

  inside Xinbeitou Metro Station

at the platform waiting for our 3 train carriages 

 Hot Spring train colored green 

The three colored (blue, yellow & green) train carriage offers three different themes- Geothermal Valley, Hot Springs & Cuisines and The Old Days. 

inside one of the themed carriages

where do you want to go?

Beitou Garden

On our way to hot spring resort, we passed by Ketagalan Culture Center, a 10 storey center showcasing culture & arts from indigenous people. 

 Ketagalan Culture Center

 right across the street of Ketagalan Culture Center

We visited Beitou Hot Spring Museum. It is modeled on a bath house in Japan. Beitou Hot Spring Museum, built in 1913, is an old Japanese building that was once the largest and most famous public bath facility in Taiwan.

inside Beitou hot spring museum

I was quite apprehensive doing jump shots inside this room. But DH was insistent. Good thing, we were not reprimanded.

tatami mats

Turned out our jump shots were great!

bath house that was once visited by a Japanese prince

 open theater

Just outside a public hot spring, we spotted an open theater.

we spotted a shooting of a public hot spring

road leading to hot spring valley

Yes, we went down those steps!

 Hot Spring Valley

sulfur spring water

At 52 to 75 degrees, the sulfur spring water is not suitable for drinking. The odor is so strong that my hair smells like sulfur for the next few days. Although in some areas, visitors can just roll up their pants and put their feet in the hot spring water. There is also a designated spot for visitors who want to experience sulfur spring water baths for a minimal fee just do not forget to bring your own bathing suit. If ever you forgot to bring one with you, don't fret because the management of the public bath sells bathing suits too. 

Information on hot spring bathers:

  • shower is a must
  • test the water temperature with your foot first then slowly immerse your whole body
  • only a maximum of 10 minutes is allowed on the first dip and rest for 15 minutes before going back
  • only a total of 30 minutes is allowed per visit
  • drink lots of water before and after your bath
  • to avoid dizziness, get out of the pool slowly

I am so excited to show you the private room we rented in Shui-Du Spring Hotel!


We went back 2 years later and check-in at Broadway Hotel