Taiwan Chronicle: Tonkatsu Wako

My visit: December 27, 2010

Tonkatsu Wako
5/f K Mall
Taipei Main Station

It's true that too much shopping can wear you down! We need to eat too! DH and I spent hours in Muji and Daiso. Both shops have an entire floor for themselves inside K Mall. We finally felt hungry around 8:00pm. Looking through the fake food display outside the restaurants, we settled for Tonkatsu Wako.

DH and I shared a set of big bowl of asado noodles and unagi on rice. Cost of which is only NTD250. 

it's hot!

The big bowl of noodle is good enough to share. Well, depending on how hungry you are but we were able to manage. I am not a huge fan of noodles so DH ate the most of it.

tofu as a side dish

unagi on rice

The unagi serving is small like a quarter of what I have if I order in Umenoya

NTD250 set

The set doesn't include drink. Hot tea was served instead. 

You have to settle your bill on your way out. Oh, there's a additional 10% added to your bill. Tax maybe or service charge? I am not sure hehe