Andi Eigenmann and Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub

My event: February 8, 2011

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Do you have a childhood dream? I do. I once dreamt of becoming a model/cover girl. The closest thing that happened was getting featured in a magazine when I was 11. And since nobody wants to see my face in the cover of a magazine, I made my very own blog so I can post as many pictures of myself. Vain? Yeah, but at least I can say that I pursued my own dream.

newest face for Pond's Clear Solution Anti Bacterial Facial Scrub,  Andi Eigenmann

Meanwhile, 20 year old actress, Andi Eigenman, is living her childhood dream. She is the newest face of Pond's Clear Solutions Anti Bacterial Facial Scrub. 

Andi Eigenmann on living her dream

She said in our intimate interview that she once dreamt of seeing her face on Pond's billboard just outside their village in Katipunan. Pond's has given realization to her dream. 

Pond's billboard in Katipunan, Quezon City

Her billboard can now be seen in Katipunan holding a tube of Pond's Clear Solutions Anti Bacterial Facial Scrub. Pond's Clear Solutions Anti Bacterial Facial Scrub prevents oil and dirt from clogging pores. It also effectively fights pimples before they even start. It is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Aloe Vera. It contains soft beads for a brighter and clearer complexion. 

Pond's full range of facial washes to address all your skin care needs
  • Pond's Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam- removes excess oil and shine
  • Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-bacterial Facial Scrub- effectively fights pimples
  • Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Foam- gives a pinkish- white glow
  • Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash-gently cleans without irritating skin

Are you still using bar soap for your face? I don't. Make the switch right now. Choose one from the full range of facial washes of Pond's. 

Andi's simple beauty regimen

Andi emphasizes that a clean face is a sign of good hygiene. She removes her make up with Pond's Cold Cream and follows it up with Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub. She was an avid user of Perfect Matte before she made a switch to Clear Solutions. She also gives importance to water intake. Did you know that she finishes at least 2 liters of water just by mid afternoon? 

Andi Eigenmann and me, Thanks Niks!

Contrary to what I have heard, Andi was such a delight to interview. She animatedly describes how she feels about Pond's. She was oh so generous to share even off topic like the rumor linking her to Jake Ejercito. In case you are a snoop, she is single! She even shared her thoughts on fame.

Andi on fame

Andi with beauty bloggers Sophie, Liz, Nikki, Tara, me, Ro and Jill

Thanks Pond's, Nuffnang and Ogilvy for the opportunity to interview Andi!