When in Taipei

I know you are tired of reading about my Taipei trip so this is the last installment of my Taipei post!

Aside from the huge pedestrian lane, here are some of the reasons why I love Taipei...

Hello from Taipei December 27-31, 2010

People are always in fashion.

knee high boots

Yes, inside Metro stations, shopping malls and even in night markets, people young and old are accustomed to wearing boots!

eyeglasses frame without the actual glass

The first time I saw a girl wearing eyeglasses without the glass, I did a double take. It seems like a fad to wear one. If you can't beat them, join them lol DH bought 2 black rimmed frame too! One for each of us lol

lovers in matching outfits

Aww! Don't you think this is cute?


Naraya ribbon totes are often seen in women and children. It is so widely seen that fakes ones are sold in night markets. I  should have brought mine during this trip hehe

They are not afraid to be anti-fashion by wearing mask for protection.

mask everywhere

Mostly children and elders wear masks especially in enclosed placed like the Metro stations and shopping malls. 

Pedestrians are always protected.

barriers like these

I saw barriers like the one above mostly in places where only pedestrians are allowed. 

Tissues are always free!

toilet where you can squat

You can choose to seat or squat in the toilets.

The subways are clean and safe.

Shuanglian Station

We book our hotel near Shuanglian Station. It is 2 stops away from Taipei Main Station. It costs NTD20 to go to Taipei Main Station but you can easily walk underground for a good 15 to 20 minutes. 

video cameras installed in waiting area in Danshui station

CCTVs are everywhere even in streets, I always felt safe even at night. In some Metro stations, there are even spots designated for women who commute late at night right under where a CCTV is positioned.

left and right side of escalator

Staying on the left side of the escalator means you have to step and move your way up. It is mostly for people who are in a rush. 

you wouldn't be lost in translation

Signage inside the Metro stations are written in Mandarin and in English. Voice Over translations are in Mandarin, Hokkien and English. I guarantee you wouldn't get lost.

dark blue seat for elderly, pregnant woman, women with kids and those who are disabled

People respect the sign and wouldn't take the seat even if the carriage is full.

Metro station seat in blue

Food is everywhere, you wouldn't get hungry! And it doesn't cost much!

roti like pan cake

making of baked meat bun

how to make asado bun

baked meat bun 

 ticket number 66

last supper in Taipei NTD55

For our last night, we grab a bite in one of the restaurants we saw that we thought to be selling chicken/ pork chops. Instead, we got this huge serving of mixed fried rice for only NTD55. We shared one order.

Lastly, Taipei is the land of Tea!

3 teas

On our last night, we ordered 3 teas from Share tea.


Taken during our first night in Taipei Main Station, people were lining up in Presotea to have their cup of tea!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Even in the airport, milk teas are aplenty and expensive at NTD80!

with DZMM Gerry Baja and his kid

Photo taken inside one of the restaurant in Taiwan Taaoyuan Internatonal airport where we spotted  radio commentator enjoying his Taipei vacation with his entire family!

That's it! Enough with my travel post hehe