Anlene Concentrate

I just want to share with you what I am currently drinking here in the office. It's Anlene Concentrate in Chocolate flavor. The tetra pack is quite small at just 125 ml but packed with 650mg Calcium, 3.3ug Vitamin D, 68mg Magnesium and 3mg Zinc. 

Anlene Concentrate High Calcium Low Fat UHT milk drink box of 4 Php120

Anlene Concentrate contains:

  • 4x Calcium than regular milk
  • It has essential bone strengthening nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesum and Zinc
  • It contains Vitamin D which supports effective absorption of Calcium

in the office drinking no less than Anlene

I admit drinking a pack is not enough for me but good enough for my Calcium needs.

Recommended serving: 1-2 packs per day.