Living and Shining

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I love life! I recently celebrated my 35th birthday. Yes, I am not ashamed to announce my age.  Didn’t your mama tell you that age is just a number?

dinner date on my birthday; with hubby

Every year, on May 2, I celebrate! I spend quality time with my husband, dine out with family and party with old & new friends. The celebration would last the whole month of May.

This year, as a birthday treat to myself, I went to Boracay for a little rest and relaxation! I love the clear blue sky and powdery white sand. Ah, this is life!

Boracay 2011

Now, I know that I star at living life to the fullest! There is no way I would frown at life. I can never forget the spelunking in Sagada, my Space Mountain shriek, diving in Phuket, climbing the steep steps of Angkor Wat, stunning view of Grand Canyon  and more…

enjoying life to the fullest

I would love to discover what lies ahead. In the mean time, I am enjoying what I have right now… contentment!

picturesque sunset view of Boracay

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