Domo Maguro Unlimited Tuna Sashimi!

My visit: April 22 and May 8, 2011

Domo Maguro
Tomas Morato cor Sct. Limbaga Sts.,
Sacred Heart, Quezon City
6972220   5031544

Domo Maguro is a fairly new restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. When my family and I had dinner last Good Friday, I was surprised to know that this Japanese restaurant is Korean owned. Another thing, it is open until 5 in the morning. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, you have another option aside from Jollibee and Mc Donald's haha

 yakiniku PhP150

We had a very late dinner and were still quite full from the late lunch we had in The Stock Market that's why we only ordered a few dishes from the menu. I like the way the yakiniku was cooked. We only ate half of the order and took home the rest. I ate this as a sandwich the next day and still love the yummy barbecue taste.

Yakiniku- bite sized grilled meat; Japanese Bulgogi style

 gyudon PhP220

Mom shared this order with me. The serving is quite big. The service needs improvement though. In both times, we have to call the attention of different servers before our order was served. 

Iced/ hot tea are available upon request. 

 tamago sashimi PhP80

Tamago is bland, enough said.

part of chirashi don 

chirashi special PhP500

This is my dad's favorite order. It has generous serving and thick slices of tuna and salmon! Saba, uni and kani are also included in the bowl. 

DH was not with us that night so we went back last Mother's Day. This time we ordered a set of sashimi together with 8 or was it 10 side dishes, I forgot haha

set A PhP1, 500

On the menu, Set A is written as good for 2 persons. My parents shared this order but sashimi eaters like DH and my sister were able to partake this order. Photos below were taken from my DS camera.

Included in Set A:



 ebi katsu

Ebi katsu is deep fried breaded prawn using bread crumbs. 

 spicy cooked tuna


You can opt for unlimited serving of sashimi. Unlike in a buffet where the dishes are well laid out, the unlimited sashimi are served upon request. Prices differ in the number of side dishes included. This is sashimi lover's haven!

 saba sushi PhP120 per piece

DH likes to order saba every time we are in a Japanese restaurant ; p 

zaru soba PhP200

Zaru soba is chilled soba with dipping sauce. Another dish frequently ordered by DH.

 bento 4 PhP550

DS and I shared this bento box. The main dish is beef with sidings like tempura, pork chop, fish, sushi, tamago sashimi and stir fried vegetables.

We got a 20% discount that day because it's mother's day! Yey! Only to find out that prices on the menu  are VAT exclusive. So a 12% VAT was added to our bill plus 6% service charge waaaaaaaah!

Till my next food post!