Zespri Kiwi season is on!

My event: May 24, 2011

Zespri Kiwi now in Manila
Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Zespri officially announces that kiwi season is now in Manila! I was invited to the launching over a week ago and I was ecstatic because DH and I love kiwifruits especially the brand that brought the fruit here in Manila, Zespri. 

Patricia Bermudez- Hizon

The event was hosted by the vivacious Patricia Bermudez- Hizon. I espy her husband, Vince Hizon, supporting her. 

Steve Bunyan and Dexter Difuntorum

Steve Bunyan, Zespri's Regional Market Development Manager for Southeast Asia and South Asia arrived in Manila from New Zealand just in time for the launching. With the huge response the brand is getting, looks like he will be coming back sooner than later. 

Dexter Difuntorum of Fresh Studio Innovation Asia demonstrated how to check if the green kiwi is ripe and ready to eat. If you are able to squeeze it a bit on the side then it is already ripe. If not, do not refrigerate and wait for 5-8 days. Tricky, huh?

Here are some trivia about Kiwifruit:
  • New Zealand is the home to the world's best Kiwifruits
  • Zespri Kiwifruits come from Mount Maunganui- the heart of NZ's Kiwifruit industry
  • It contain twice as much Vitamin C than in orange
  • It is loaded with Folic Acid
  • It is high in Vitamin E and anti- oxidants like polyphenols, carotenoids among others

There are 2 types of Zespri Kiwi
  1. Zespri Green (The Classic Original) has a small white core and black seeds. It is often tangy and sour than sweet. 
  2. Zespri Gold (New Tropical Sensation) has smooth, hairless skin and is sweet to taste.
Personally, I like the gold variant because it is sweet to taste. In the numerous times that DH bought a box, yes, a box full of kiwis, the taste is always consistent. The gold variant is ripe upon picking so when it reaches you, it is perfectly ready to eat. 

Zespri Gold Kiwi PhP32

A pack of four Zespri Gold Kiwifruits (PhP32 each) comes with a slice and scoop tool. The pictures below will show you a step by step guide on how to eat the succulent kiwifruit. 

step 1: slice

kiwi gold has golden flesh interior with white core and black seeds

step 2: scoop

juicy, tasty and sweet golden kiwi

Look at the juice on my plate! This is so refreshingly good to eat during breakfast! Yeah, I took that picture awhile ago after I had a slice of bread. You can view Zespri Kiwi recipes here.

What is your favorite fruit?