Valens Carnipure L-Carnitine

Commercial Break!

I was given two 500ml bottles of Carnipure by one of the Two Smart Guyz to try out. Carnipure- a 100% pure L- Carnitine no sugar added, is used as a supplement to help maintain health in times of stress and optimizes quality of life.

Did you know that L- Carnitine is part of our daily diet? Red meat like lamb and beef are rich in L- Carnitine. On average, we consume about 100- 300mg dietary L- Carnitine per day.

Valens Carnipure 500ml PhP2500

What L- Carnitine can do for you:

  • nutrient that increases your energy
  • aids in weight loss
  • increases immune system
  • lowers cholesterol & triglycerides

    When I opened the small screw top cap, I smell orange ; ) It is like drinking water with orange flavor, not bad. I started taking in the initial dose of 10ml twice daily- after breakfast and lunch. DH started taking it around the same time.

    I got an email from Chadwick and asked about taking the free base solution at night time. He explained that for some people, they become active and could not sleep at night. In my own experience, I was able to sleep well.

    After a few days, I gradually increased my dosage to 20ml twice a day because I am hitting the gym once more but my stomach couldn't handle it. I have gastric problem. I stopped taking the solution. I plan to take it again in the next couple of weeks but would rather stick to 10ml dosage twice a day.

    DH continues to take 20ml once a day. Since he was only taking it for less than 2 weeks, no visible result yet. I will update you if he lost weight, I hope he does haha

    Valens Carnipure offers the purest L- Carnitine and is a trademark of Lonza Ltd, Switzerland.

    Thanks Two Smart Guyz Corporation!