Aromatherapy Massage at Nuat Thai Libis

My event: June 6, 2010

Nuat Thai 
2nd Floor (above Allied Bank and RCBC)
90 E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave.,
Quezon City

It was drizzling the day we arrived at Nuat Thai Libis. Traffic was getting heavy but we managed to arrive on our appointed time. The parking was without a hitch. A valet attendant was there to assist DH in parking our car. 

I got invited over by Michelle to try her friend's spa. Upon entering the spa, I was immediately impressed at the sleek black and white interior of the reception area. 

(l-r) oil selection: eucalyptus, lavender and green tea

The oil selection on top of the table immediately caught my attention. This is the first Thai spa that I have encountered that uses oil. This made me more excited to try one of their massages. Finally, a spa who must have read my mind. I love having Thai massage but I always thought of why can't they combine oil with the massage. For this, Nuat Thai must be my answered prayer haha 

foot wash area

Unlike in other Thai spas where you are plopped down on a chair with a plastic basin half filled with warm water to wash your feet, at Nuat Thai, I was ushered to a wash area. This area can accommodate three persons at a time. The therapist made sure my feet were clean before she ushered me to a private room.

private room

I selected Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Balls (PhP550). It is a combination of Swedish and Thai massage with Herbal Balls (look phra kob in Thai)  placed on your back near the end of the massage. DH chose Hot Oil Massage (PhP550).  The duration of each massage is one and a half hour.

At the start of the massage, the therapist asked if I wanted a hard massage. I told her I wanted a light touch. I couldn't keep my face down because the cover on the face rest makes me breathe harder. It was literally in front of my face. In the end, I just turned my head sideways.

It would have been an enjoyable massage had it not been for the next client who came in with I think two kids in tow. I am not so sure but I think they were situated just at the opposite of my room. No amount of ssshhhh-ing done by my therapist stopped the wailing of the kids. For the last few minutes of my massage, I was already fully awake.

toilet area

I later learned from the receptionist that the kids were also having a massage along with their mom. I think the staff should have opted to put the group at the far end of the massage area so as not to disturb other clients who wish to enjoy a relaxing massage. Anyway, I totally enjoyed the herbal balls because it took the pain on my back that's been bugging me for weeks.

Nuat Thai Libis offers Express Massage as low as PhP150 for a 30 minute foot, back or head massage. It is open daily from 12nn- 2am.