Chronicling our second day in Boracay!

My visit: May 17, 2011


I slept like a baby so the next day we woke up at 6 a.m. for a swim. Except for a few families wading near the shore, we have the beach all to ourselves . We had an opportunity to take solo pictures on top of Willy's Rock where the Grotto can be found. 

life guard post

At around 8 a.m., we went back to La Bella Casa to eat our breakfast. Afterwards, we went back to exploring the stretch of Stations 1 to 3 again.

The day before, Gevi saw the life guard post and wanted her photo taken on top of it. She says it's pretty scary once you reached the top. When it was my turn, I calm and brave myself to reach the top. It was a success!

We pretty much splurge on food on our first day so today we plan on eating in some cheap restaurants and taste some street food.

grilled corn PhP10

After having a few bite out of this corn, I threw it away. It tasted bland.

halo-halo PhP50

The halo-halo did not have much ingredients which was fine but I don't like how the milk tasted so diluted.

 buffet lunch in Station 3 Php250

The buffet offered main dishes such as beef goulash, chicken afritada, seafood mix, spaghetti and rice. The grill offered kebabs. Soup, fruits and desserts are also found on the buffet spread. A glass of fruit juice was also included. 

We went back to our hotel after lunch and spent the whole afternoon sleeping again. What can I do? I really got tired from all the walking we did during our first day.

reenergized me

refreshing Gevi

We ordered cinnamon toast (PhP70) featured in the photo above... sarap! hehe Unlike my calamansi muffin review last year which was a bummer, this time around, I can relate to all those people who raved about it. I know about the soft and moist calamansi muffin they are talking about. Gevi must be my lucky charm.

super low tide... imagine that!

See the line leading to the Grotto? This is the reason why it's better to get up early, that way, you can have peace and quiet alone time with Mama Mary. 

Gevi enjoying the sunset

I like taking photo of the sunset

 front of Estancia Uno Boracay

I think Estancia Uno was not yet constructed when I went to Boracay last year. It is a pretty huge resort. It looks really nice on the outside. 

 another sunset shot

our names written on the sand

 spectacular sunset isn't it?

 I miss our Boracay trip!

photo was taken by Dr. Meleine

It was so nice bumping into another friend of mine, Meleine. I was not able to her photo with me ; (

practicing inner peace haha

 nice jump shot!

After the tiring photo shoot, we went swimming again withstanding the cold water of Boracay. 

infront of Nigi- Nigi's Massage Center

the owner's dog, Suzi

Before we head back to our hotel, we booked an 8pm massage directly at the Nigi- Nigi's Massage Center. We spent PhP500 plus PhP50 tip for a one hour massage. The experience was like having a body scrub and a Swedish massage in one. All the while, I thought it was just me but Gevi experienced the same thing. The hands of the 2 ate were kind of rough. 

Next post is al about the famous chori burger in Boracay!