Chronicling our first day in Boracay!

My visit: May 16, 2011

Boracay Island

Our Boracay trip almost didn't push through. For one, we couldn't agree on a specific date. And when we did, we couldn't find a cheap airfare. Then the problem of lodging came up. But at the end of our three day vacation, Gevi and I now have an even stronger bond. The experience made us even closer. It's like we just pick up where we left off during our college days. We also learned that we have more things in common like our love of lamb and sleeping quirks among others!

 via Air Phil Express

Talk about being excited, you don't want to mess with two girls who didn't have a decent sleep the night before haha We look really messed up here. Gevi, please don't kill me for releasing the following photos haha By the way, it is the start of my 3 day no make up look ; p 

I will write a separate post about our overall Air Phil Express experience. You have to read about the  supposedly "online service charge" on my friend's credit card bill that came out of nowhere in my next post!

life vest on board

Flying to Caticlan was a great choice rather than Kalibo. We were there in less than an hour. We saved a lot of time!

We rode a tricycle to port area which cost PhP50/tricycle. Upon alighting, we paid for the boat ride (PhP25@), port (PhP50) and environmental fee (PhP75@) .

The picture above was taken during our 20 minute banca ride. I made sure that life vests were close to us. You will never know, right? We paid PhP25 for a non air conditioned boat. An alternative is the air conditioned Montenegro Fast Craft. It travels only 5 minutes from the island to port area and vise versa. You have to check its schedule for availability.

We were greeted by rain upon alighting the boat. It was a welcome treat! The rain stopped as soon as we hailed a tricycle to Station 1.

tricycle from Port area to Station 1 PhP100/tricycle

Yes, we stayed in Station 1 but we need to cross the highway haha We took another tricycle to bring us at the back of the church where La Bella Casa is located. More on that in my next post!

Here's a run down of the fees we paid:

  • PhP200 Domestic Terminal Fee at NAIA 3
  • PhP50/tricycle from Caticlan airport to port
  • PhP50 Port Terminal Fee
  • PhP75 Environmental Fee
  • PhP30 Montenegro Fast Craft/ PhP25 non air conditioned boat
  • PhP100 Tricycle Fee from Port to any Station

Except for the PhP75 Environmental Fee and Php200 Domestic Terminal Fee, you have to pay everything else that's listed above on your flight back to Manila. 

exploring the beach at 8am

Who doesn't love the white sandy beach of Boracay? Immediately after checking in, we changed into our swim wear ; p  During the duration of our trip, Gevi and I experienced both high tide and low tide!

Jonah's Fruit Shake in Station 1

We ate breakfast at Jonah's. The food and milk shakes were a bit expensive. But who's counting money when you are there to enjoy the sun, beach with your gal pal, right?

another milk shake at El Centro after our hair braid and henna tattoo

Milk shake, halo- halo and ice cream were sold within a few meters from each other. I always go back to El Centro for inexpensive fruit shake. Although there are far lesser fruit combination choices, El Centro's milk shake costs almost half the price compared to Jonah's!

When in Boracay, there are two things that you should buy- pearl and a hat!

PhP30 mother of pearl earrings

inexpensive hat at PhP180

Be sure not to fold the hat though when you are packing it with your stuff. Better yet, wear it and don't pack it with your belongings.

I'm glad Boracay doesn't condone smokers!

the sun was hot, hot, hot!

before stepping out at night

We took the photo above inside our hotel room brandishing our new hair braid before going to La Reserve Boracay for dinner. Hmmmmmm, lamb haven!

Outfit of the Night

  • The Body Shop chic eco bag
  • Grosby slippers
  • Maxi dress from a stall in Robison Galleria


  • Maxi dress from SM 

After walking 3 stations and back, I am so tired that I can't even lift my leg, no exag! 

La Reserve Boracay

We both ordered lamb for dinner and we were both very satisfied. That night we learned that we both love lamb... yummy!

behind Gevi were the fire dancers

It was a bad decision to walk back and forth from Stations 1 to 3 on our first day. For the rest of our stay, I am so tired that I am always in bed by 10pm haha

oh and don't forget to lie down on the sand!