Celebrating Birthday Pinoy Henyo Style 2011

The celebration lasted for a month! I am finally down to my last post about my birthday party. For a change, this year Cherie and I celebrated our birthdays in her new home. Yey!

posing with our birthday cake

All the while we thought most of our friends couldn't make it. Some texted in that they already have a schedule for the night and some even complained how far the venue was. You know who you are ; p But the most important thing is that everybody turned up that night! 

 candle blowing

Birthdays are celebrated only once a year. It is always good to be surrounded by friends who will stick with you through thick or thin. 

 slicing our favorite cake

We always share one cake as in the previous years. We cut our cake and served as dessert to our friends. The food were take outs from Conti's and Sincerity. We used to have home cooked food but we are getting old and lazy haha Even if it costs more, we opted for take out. Everybody seems happy!  

Hizon's cake

Only the best cake in town, Hizon's, for the two celebrators! Hizon's cake is always soft and moist! No birthday is complete without it ; p

 with my shopping buddy 

Regina and I have been friends since like, uhm, college days?! Waaaaah, I am so old lol She still looks the same when I first met her. Oh, correction, she looked better and sexier! Ok, I needed shopping money so if you, yes you YOGI, are reading this you owe me one hahaha

 Leony, Regina and baby Megan

Megan, who has now a little sister, is such a darling. I can see that she loves the camera. Look at her smile, isn't she cute?

Moving on, I have tons of prizes-->read product samples, to be given away. My friends don't want to play Trip to Jerusalem or Stop Dance. Do kids these days even know how to play Stop Dance? haha Such "KJ" friends! Is KJ still being used these days? Oh well, I am determined to give prizes but only to those who will join the game. Somebody, I forgot who, suggested that I give the prizes always as loot bags. I told that someone that I have a separate lot bags for everyone ; p It was Cherie who suggested to play Eat Bulaga's  "Pinoy Henyo" game. Everybody agreed!

team that didn't quite get it 

Here, we have husband and wife tandem and proud parents of Megan who didn't get both correct answers. Boo! Look at Cherie in the background already falling asleep haha

Cherie's husband, Val

"This sucks!" haha As the game progress, the game became RATED R lol


No cheating! Baka may kodigo sa kamay lol

the unbeatable team, Monna and Leony

Monna got a rechargeable batteries with charger while Leony got a CLEAR shampoo for Men.

Elisa was determined to win

She didn't guess the correct answer but I still gave her a spray cologne just because she was very into the game!

Frank and Regina

As fate would have it, Frank finally won because he partnered with Regina for the second round! Frank got CLEAR shampoo for women for Mary Ann while Regina got herself a Pond's Flawless White cream!

every girl got a loot from Pevonia Philippines

Thanks to Pevonia Phiippines for extending your generosity to my friends. Each of my girlfriends receive a travel sized body scrub with a Carmex lip balm! Both are brands that I love.

Regina with tipsy Cherie

Look at Cherie's eldest son, Clyde, very cute! There's also their wedding photo in the background.

some are tipsy some are not!

Monna make cocktails for everyone! Making most of my friends' face red at the end of the night lol

 low batt na

We were just chilling, naks! Truth be told, we were all very sleepy haha And it's only what, 11pm?

DH and I

cutting our cake

I wouldn't go home empty handed. I want to have my cake and eat it too- literally!

Ok, back to regular programming--> Boracay post!