Home Improvement: Mr Muscle Stick-On works!

It's been awhile since I last wrote about home improvement. I have been busy attending events but keep in mind that when I go home, I still want it to have a fresh smelling scent especially in the most neglected area of the house, the bathroom.  

 Mr Muscle stick-on toilet bowl cleaning strip pack of 3 in lavender PhP49.50

I bought Mr Muscle Stick-On Toilet Bowl Cleaning Strip in lavender scent recently. I got enticed into it because its a stick-on. No messy wire hangs on the rim. Plus, you can tuck it under the rim if you want the product to be hidden. It did not affect the color of the water meaning no icky blue colorant when you flush. It leaves your toilet a refreshing scent and a lot of bubbles after every flush and in between scrubbing. 

product neatly tucked under the rim

Directions for use:
  1. Remove product from package
  2. Make sure that the toilet bowl is dry
  3. Peel back paper on one side of the strip
  4. Press strip firmly against the inside of the toilet bowl
  5. Peel away the remaining paper
The photo above shows the product that has been seating under the rim for over a week now. I wonder if the cleaning strip is really good for 100 flushes. Even our office toilet now has one attached under the rim.

Available in Rustan's Supermarket

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