Recycling in Quezon City

Since transferring to Quezon City, I have been made aware of segregating our trash. Every now and then, our barangay sends out a notice reminding us the schedule of collection and proper segregation of our trash. At first, it was a bit difficult to adjust but then our house hold staffs and I were able to manage. 

2 of the four trash bins you need PhP2000 each

Don't get excited! These trash bins were not sold by the barangay to us. DH and I bought it in one of the plastic distributor in Malabon, BJMP Plastics (distributor of Zooey Plastic), where bulk purchases are given appropriate discount. Color choices are blue, green and yellow. A bigger trash bin costs PhP2600. 

DH and I were always on the look out for trash bins sold at discounted price in ACE hardware, Handyman DIY and True Value. More often than not, this kind of trash bin never goes on sale and if it is, it would still cost a lot of money. 

An overview of our garbage collection and segregation:

  • Tuesday & Saturday- Biodegradable kitchen waste
  • Thursday- Non Biodegradable/ Residual
  • Sunday- garden waste
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday- Recyclables

Our barangay has also strictly implemented the following rules:
  1. No segregation, no collection
  2. Bring out only segregated garbage, properly packed only on designated collection day
  3. No burning of garbage
  4. Collection and selling of recyclables/ scrap/ junk by junk dealers and scavengers are prohibited during truck collection days
  5. Non accredited junk dealers and scavengers will be fined. 
One of the notice dated March 2011, residents were informed that Payatas dump site is now closed. It further stated that the Quezon City is merely using a temporary landfill for residual waste which may only last for 2 years. Our own barangay is in charge to find a solution to handle our biodegradable and garden waste. As such, our barangay needs the residents cooperation to participate in the proper segregation of our trash.

We should really take responsibility for our action. Please do not throw the garbage just anywhere, throw it in properly marked trash bins instead. Simple action like that can be of a big help. Change should really start within us. 

Always remember Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

BJMP Plastic
999 Governor Pascual,
Malabon City