FreshLook ColorBlends GemStone Green by Ciba Vision + DIY Photo Shoot

I met with my cousin the other day and I was wearing all green- contact lenses, eye make up and even my tee! How cool is that?! ; p

FreshLook ColorBlends Gemstone Green

I love my newly opened FreshLook ColorBlends. It is so eye- catching. I love that the color of my eyes can change from dark brown to green in an instant.

When I got back from our lunch, I had this crazy idea to do an impromptu photo shoot. Armed with my 10 second timer Canon Ixus 860IS and a mini tripod, I had to finish the photo shoot in less than 30 minutes because DH is on his way to pick me up. I had to reapply my make up and find props- hula hoop. Plus, I had to find some inner creative juice for my poses.

See my strike-a-pose portfolio below lol

timid but sexy

hula hoop- Rustan's Children's section | shirt- SM store | short- Zara | watch - Baume Mercier

longing for Serenitea look lol

To view, FreshLook ColorBlends in Brilliant Blue, click here.

dazed & confused look

To view FrshLook ColorBlends in Hazel, click here.

feeling vamp look

looking out the window

There you go! I am sorry for not updating over the weekend ; p I just finished this entry because I fell asleep this afternoon. Blame it on bed weather day!

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