I'm joining the bandwagon with Cracked Nail Polish!

My visit: September 24, 2011

105- B Scout Castor St., 
Laging Handa, Quezon City

I have been seeing people with "crack" or "shatter" nail polish for quite some time now. When I was in a nail salon a few weeks back, I saw OPI Nail Polish in Black Shatter and pointed it out to my friends. My friends availed the cracked nail polish for an additional PhP100. I saw amazing results and regretted my decision of settling for a regular nail polish ; (

cracked nail polish in black by Face It

Two weeks have passed since my first encounter with cracked nail polish. I was in Nail Studio & Day Spa in Scout Castor near Tomas Morato Street last Saturday when I inquired about the availability of the said nail polish. Lo and behold, the store has it and only for an additional PhP30 ; ) Now, that's what I call a bargain lol 

I availed of Classic Cool Melon Manicure for PhP150 and Classic Cool Melon Pedicure for PhP180. Express Manicure is also available for only at PhP100 while Express Pedicure is at PhP130.

Cracked Nail Polish is sometimes called Crackle Nail Polish or Cracking Nail Polish. 

Face It Art Nails Crack Collection BK901

ORLY in Dazzle was applied as base with Face It Art Nails Crack Collection in Black on top. The result  is really nice. The cracks are noticeable since it's spaced so close to each other.

I later found out that the outcome of the cracks depends on the coating of the cracked nail polish. Apply it thinly and you will get result that looks like the first photo. Applying thickly, will result in cracks spaced much widely apart. When applying cracked nail polish on top, be sure to let dry the base nail polish color first otherwise you will end up with splotchy nail color. 

My addiction with cracked nail polish didn't end there. I went to Market!Market last weekend and bought a Korean brand cracked nail polish. I have not tried it yet but you will be the first to know how it goes ; p