Hui Lau Shan and New York Fries in Tsim Sha Tsui

My visit August 2, 2011

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

On our third day, we visited Tsim Sha Tsui for more shopping eating experience! After spending half of the day walking along Central, we need some dessert to eat before venturing to another afternoon of window shopping.

in front of Hui Lau Shan 

We saw several stalls bearing the name Hui Lau Shan. It's mango haven ; ) Everything looks yummy! I am salivating as I am writing this entry. They have a promo package of nine different mango desserts.  We didn't order it for fear that we could not finish the whole thing lol

Aloe Jelly in Mango Juice HK$25

DH ordered Aloe Jelly in Mango Juice while I ordered Mango Cubes and Sago in Mango Juice.

Mango cubes and Sago in Mango Juice HK$25

The store actually has four kinds of topping for its mango juice category. The other two are Harsmar Jelly in Mango Juice and Mango Jelly in Mango Juice.

Most of the diners were in their teens. The shop has an open air dining area at the back. I didn't know that you could make up so may desserts just by using mango as the main ingredient. You can try this when you go to Hong Kong!

Shop 2602, Level 2,
Gateway Arcade, Habour City,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Next stop, New York Fries inside Harbour City. Harbour City is huge. No Kidding! So huge that at one point, we got lost ; (

New York Fries

Our legs were getting numb from walking non stop to I don't know where (Harbour City is freakin' huge!) when DH spotted New York Fries.

I first saw a poutin on TV while watching The Bachelorette show. It was a good thing that I don't have to go to Quebec just to be able to taste it.

NYF Poutine Perfected since 1989

Poutine originates in Quebec. It is a mix of New York Fries, fresh cheese curds and gravy! NYF is hand cut, skin on, cooked in sunflower oil. 

When in Hong Kong, look for these two restaurants. I have tried it. It's now your turn ; p