New find: Teresita's of San Fernando Halo Halo & Palabok in Tomas Morato

My visit: August 13, 2011

Teresita's of San Fernando 
Alfredos Bldg.,
220 Tomas Morato St., cor. Scout de Guia,
Quezon City

A few months ago, we saw a structure being renovated just above Alfredo's. Out of sheer curiosity, we went up the flight of stairs. There were bright lights and so I thought that it's already open. To my dismay, it's not.

longanisa rice PhP100

Fast forward last August, DH and I were able to visit the restaurant again. This time it's already in full swing... yey! There were several senior citizens dining inside. We found a table on the side near the entrance. DH lined up in front of the counter for our orders.

I had garlic longanisa with rice. The order came with two longanisa, an egg, two slices of tomatoes and a plain rice. A vinegar was on the side.

I like my longanisa sweet. This order is not. I blame it on DH for coercing me to order this rather than the skinless longanisa. I only ate half and gave the other half to him since he doesn't like anythng sweet. Come to think of it, I must have fell into one of his tricks ; p

a little background on the wall

This restaurant has a very long name... Teresita's of San Fernando. This is an off shoot of Teresita R. Razon's Halo- halo and Palabok originating from San Fernando, Pampanga.

extra puto PhP15@

Dinuguan is Filipino savory stew of pork blood, garlic, chili and vinegar.

Puto is steamed rice cake.

We had to order an extra puto for the dinuguan (not in the photo). The dinuguan tasted nothing like blood  at all but more on vinegar which is good if you ask me. I was not too eager to eat it but I like the puto that is paired with it. So, yeah, this was deinitely DH's order.

Dinuguan is only PhP100 with 2 pieces of puto included.

fresh cut kamote PhP75

I ate a lot of fresh cut kamote- a local version of french fries. I like!

Razon's halo halo
Razon's halo- halo has two types:

  • regular- with leche flan on top PhP85
  • special- with leche flan and langka* PhP95

There are three main ingredients in Razon's halo- halo namely sweetened banana, leche flan and macapuno. I really like the finely shaved ice and the milk cream that goes with it. Home made at its finest!

Langka is jackfruit.

Halo- halo is a famous ice treat in the Philippines. It is usually made up of several ingredients including but not limited to fruits and sweet preserves topped with crushed ice and milk.

It is nice to know that the best halo- halo is within my reach! Where's the best halo halo restaurant for you?