New find: Tung Lo Wan Food Express

My visit: August 14, 2011

Tung Lo Wan's Food Express (TLW)
199 Wilson Square
Wilson St. cor P. Guevarra St., 
San Juan City

Although several weeks have passed, DH and I still have Hong Kong hang over. One Sunday, DH and I decided to treat his mom to a Chinese restaurant aptly named Tung Lo Wan (TLW) Food Express. Tung Lo Wan is a road in Causeway Bay and Tai Hang on the north side of the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. Its specialty is anything roast!

pork asado (per plate) PhP200

We entered a half full restaurant. We were asked if we have any reservation, we don't. A round table near the cashier was vacant so we were guided over there. Being true to Hong Kong style set up, I was half expecting that the server would be asking us to share our table for six with other diners much like the ones I saw when we dine in Tsui Wah, a bustling restaurant in Hong Kong ; p Good thing they did not as most of the tables reserved were not yet filled even after we left the venue.

The pork asado is thickly sliced and glazed on the outside. If per plate order is too much for you, it also offers per 100g for only PhP60.

 roast pork  (lechon Macau) PhP240

The roast pork is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender inside. The fat is what makes the meat tender. I removed most of it and left with only a teeny weeny amount of meat. It was still good and crunchy nonetheless.

Morehouse Deli Mustard

The roast pork is served with a mustard. The sauce definitely gives the roast pork a different but good taste. This is my first time to pair the two and I love it!

 Individual Buddha Soup PhP250

It is customary for any Chinese to order a Buddha soup so we ordered one for his mom. It is thick and rich. The soup is teeming with various ingredients that made up the Buddha soup.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is a variety of shark's fin soup in cantonese cuisine. A poet once said that the soup is so good that even the Buddha would jump over the wall just to have a taste of this high in protein and calcium meat- based dish.

 polonchay with garlic PhP200

DH never fails to order at least one vegetable on the menu. Don't you love the hefty garlic serving on top?
fried bean curd with salt & pepper PhP200

Another favorite is bean curd. Here, the bean curd cubes were a bit spicy... see the sliced pepper in the photo above.

Bean curd is tofu. 

Parking did not pose a problem when we went there as the restaurant has one of the bigger parking grounds around the area. We went there during their soft opening so only cash was accepted. I would take my parents one of these days and let them have their share of the Buddha soup. This time, I will try and taste it for myself!