2011 Commemorative Philippine Banknotes (UST, UP and Ateneo)

My mom recently gave a PhP200 bill. I didn't notice that it was a commemorative banknote until she told me that it bears the name and symbol of my alma mater- University of Santo Tomas (UST). She told me that my sister's school- Ateneo has its own commemorative PhP100 bill. 

UST, UP and Ateneo... will DLSU be next?

The PhP200 started my searched for PhP100 banknotes that bear Ateneo and UP on it. Last week, my collection bacame complete. 

Ateneo Law School commemorative PhP100 banknote

This year is Ateneo Law School's 75th anniversary. It was founded in June 6, 1936. It is the third university to have its logo printed in a Philippine banknote.

Ateneo Law School (ALS) diamond jubilee logo

75 years, Blue Eagle, Ateneo Law School and AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM (For the Greater Glory of God) are printed on the watermark area of the bill.

University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial  (1611- 2011) commemorative PhP200 banknote

The year 2011 marks the 400th years of UST and to commemorate such event, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issued limited edition PhP200 banknotes last February making it the first university to print its logo to a peso bill.

UST Quadricentennial logo

According to Wikipedia, the official logo for the Quadricentennial celebration of the university is the Tongues of Fire. It features the outline of UST Main Building as a concrete symbol of the stability, integrity and 400 years of existence of the university.  From the cross of the Main Building emanate four tongues of fire that spell out U, S, and T. The Tongues of Fire reference the future of the university, some idelas, and are reminiscent of the stripes of the Tiger, the school's mascot. It was designed by Dopy Doplon. 

I wonder why UST didn't choose the color yellow for its logo.

University of the Philippines College of Law commemorative PhP100 banknote

University of the Philippines College of Law is celebrating its 100th year (1911-2011).

close up on the UP logo

This is the simplest among the three logos. Definitely UP.

Philippine Commemorative bill in PhP100 and PhP200

Shall I see De La Salle University and other universities follow suit?