Unboxing: Panasonic Silveo Refrigerator for Cool & Eco Life

Early last week, I found out that our almost eight year old GE refrigerator was not cooling well. I called for service and learned that the compressor was the culprit... sigh!

Panasonic Silveo Series Inverter 19.0 cu. ft.  NR-BY 551 SRP: PhP54, 999

Panasonic claims that "It's the only bottom type refrigerator with Inverter Technology in the Philippines".

DH and I searched for replacement over the weekend and narrowed down our choices to two brands- SAMSUNG and PANASONIC. I really like Samsung's style & design- 18.0 cu. ft. French door with bottom freezer plus door "alarm"- when it's not properly closed BUT it's out of stock... gaaaah!

We settled for Panasonic Inverter refrigerator instead because it has eco features like high energy efficiency factor (EEF) and that it has almost no effect on global warming. This unit uses totally NON-FLON materials both for refrigerant (Iso- butane) and for insulation (Cyclo- Pentane) so it doesn't damage the earth's ozone layer.

almost 8 year old in December- GE model GTV140IANRSG

What is an inverter and how does it works?

Inverter cuts your electricity cost. I think most of you know that by now ;p It varies power (Flexible 7- Level Power Adjustment for Optimal Cooling and Efficiency) to suit the situation- more power (full power 4, 800 rpm) in the day when it's often opened and closed and less (1, 920 rpm) at night when it's hardly ever used. 

The total estimate cost for repairing our old ref is close to PhP11, 000. The compressor alone costs almost PhP5, 500. Plus, there's a pull-out fee of PhP400. 

This refrigerator will definitely find its way to a junk shop. I wonder how much we can sell this?

refrigerator box

Ok, I have to show you the box because this is an unboxing post hahaha  What's an unboxing post without a box, right? The box includes the refrigerator and manual.

Panasonic 19.0 cu. ft. NR- BY551 features:

  • Automatic Defrost System
  • Inverter Technology
  • Vitaminsafe Vegetable COmpartment
  • Ag Clean
  • Bottom Freezer Design
  • Wide Front LED Lighting

Pansonic Itelligent Control Panel 

Times have change, I can't believe that I can plug the socket 1 hour after delivery unlike before wherein you have to wait for 24 hours before you can plug it. I still waited for DH to come home so he can have the pleasure to plug in the unit lol

The freezer compartment temperature control can be found on the front panel of the refrigerator. When the Blue LED light is on, it indicates that the power is on. It also functions as cool level indicator.

  • max- -19°C up to -24°C
  • middle- -17°C up to - 22°C
  • min- -13°C up to -18°C

Quick Freezing Mode makes ice cube in almost half the time! Faster feezing means preserving the food's freshness. The food's structure remains intact and the flavor and nutrition are preserved. 


  • When operating for the first time, adjust the temperature to "middle" position of each control (refrigerator temperature and freezer temperature) and leave it for 24 hours for effective cooling operation. You can adjust the desired temperature to your preference after that time. 
  • If you want to save energy, do not adjust the temperature lower than the actual operating condition.

Panasonic Vegerator

The vegerator is conveniently located in the center of the refrigerator. It has a 47L capacity for plenty of fruits and chocolates to store lol DH is a known hoarder so I assume this will be almost always full. The vegerator has an airtight structure. The lock handle seals the vegetable case preventing outside air from entering to keep the items fresh. Indirect cooling prevents drying and damage to items. 

Vitaminsafe Vegetable Compartment activate the natural defenses of fruits and vegetables so their vitamin content actually increases. It has a flashing blue and green LED lights indicator.

We use this refrigerator mainly for chocolates, cakes, ice cream, milk and juices. We have another refrigerator in the dirty kitchen where meat and vegetables are stored. Fruits will definitely be stored in this compartment.

wide front LED lighting

Don't you hate it when you can't see what you are getting from the inside of your ref because a can is blocking the light at the back. Panasonic Silveo solved this by making a functional storage design- wide front LED lighting. When opening the door of the refrigerator, you can now view the can or food and not just its shadow even when it is full.

freezer compartment

I like my freezer compartment to be clean. I make sure I put only vacuum sealed food here like bacon and hotdogs. The rest goes to my other refrigerator. There is another storage on the upper right side of the freezer compartment where you can place ice cream and other small items that might get buried under the big compartment.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed reading my unboxing of Panasonic Silveo Refrigerator. It's almost weekend, if you have time please join my Anlene giveaway ; )