Anlene fights Osteoporosis... a silent disease that can kill PLUS giveaway!

My event: September 29, 2011

Anlene "Breaking Down Osteoporosis" 
Quezon Room, Makati Shangri- la Hotel
Makati City

I always attend Anlene event. Why? Because my mom suffers from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I have a keen desire to learn more about the killer disease and would also want to know how to fight it. 

Thanks to Anlene's intimate round table discussion, the people from Fonterra New Zealand and Fonterra Philippines, were able to shed some light about the topic- breaking down osteoporosis.

Anlene uses GE Achilles Ultrasonometer

I am really scared about bone loss because I found out that osteoporosis manifests no signs or symptoms until a fracture occurs.Knowing that, I now drink milk twice daily. 

Osteoporosis- dubbed as the silent disease almost always leads to irreparable damage or even fatality if not addressed early on.

Anlene Bone Health Check has been instrumental in raising awareness all over the Philippines on osteoporosis. In the past four years (2005-2011), over 1 million Filipinos have been scanned and almost half have fallen into moderate and high risk of having osteoporosis, me included ; (

intimate gathering of media

We arrived on time and I saw a machine just beside the table... it's the Anlene Bone Health Check! 

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition wherein the bones become fragile and brittle. This can eventually lead to stooping, fracture and even death. It is a serious disease that develops when bones lose minerals such as calcium.

Anlene Bone Health Check

Why have Anlene Bone Health Check:

  • Simple personal process, available in public centers
  • It takes 3 minutes and is painless
  • Gives an indication of bone quality and overall risk
  • Provides an expert consultation
  • Personal education
  • Risk is assessed using a simple "traffic light" system (high- green, moderate- yellow and low risk- green). No diagnosis is made- only an assessment on the level of risk

Anlene uses GE Achilles Ultrasonometer- a portable bone scanning machine.  

 Makati Shangri- la Hotel buffet

I ate a lot that day... shame on me! I should have shown you the desserts made with Anlene Milk Powder but I forgot to take photos of it I ate all of it already lol Yes, it was that good ; p

Did you know that bone breakdown begins at age 35? I found out that I am on Moderate Risk through Anlene Bone Health Check. I learned that until the age of 35, bone breakdown can outweigh bone formation which can eventually lead to a gradual decline in bone mass and strength. 

(l-r) Ming Arroyo, Marketing Manager of Anlene, Annie Robinson, Nutritionist of Fonterra New Zealand, Louise Chavez-Yu, Senior Brand Manager of Anlene and Anna Matienzo, Assistant Brand Manager of Anlene 

During the round table discussion, I asked about my mom's bone problem- osteoarthritis. It turned out to be a totally different disease. While it is wise and good that my mom drink Anlene milk everyday for her osteoporosis, a maintenance drug is needed for Osteoarthritis. Of course, it is best to consult a professional health care practitioner first.

Osteoporosis occurs when the bone mass decreases quickly more than the body can replace it, leading to a net loss of bone mass. As a result, a slight bump or fall can result to fracture. It affects all bones in the body but fractures occur mostly in the spine, hip, ankle and wrist. Broken bones bring severe pain, and both hip and spine fractures were found out to be associated with a higher risk of death- 20% of those who suffer hip fracture die within six months after the fracture.

The Risk Factors of Having Osteoporosis:

  • Age
  • Post- menopausal period
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Excessive alcohol drinking
  • Excessice cafeine consumption
  • Family History
  • Personal History of Fracture
  • Personal history of fracture
  • Body structure (thin petite bodies)
  • Poor nutritional intake
  • Inactive lifestyle

Anlene Gold High Calcium Low Fat Powdered Milk Drink 51+ years

Now here is the good news! Although Osteoporosis is an incurable disease, it may be prevented by following these step:

  • Have a diet rich in essential nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Be physically active and partake in sports and outdoor activities regularly
  • Avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks and excessive caffeine
  • Get a bone health check at least twice a year and consult your doctor on bone health
  • Drink Anlene and start preventing osteoporosis

Anlene Bone Nutrients:

  • Calcium (100% US DRF) and Protein acts as building blocks of strong bones
  • Vitamin D essential in absorbing Calcium. Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D. It can also be found in fatty fish and eggs
Anlene High Calcium Low Fat Powdered Milk Drink 19- 50 Years

I want to share Anlene with you, my dear readers! You might be one of the five lucky winners. Each winner will receive the ff:

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