Afternoon treat in Dome Cafe Shangri- la Plaza Mall

My visit: September 23, 2011

Dome Cafe
Unit 104- 105 L1
Shangri- la Plaza Mall
EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
6359746   6359625

You have all read about my cousin's lunch treat, if not read it here. Immediately right after, we went to Dome Cafe, this time the treat is on me! 

hot choco  PhP90

My dad's stomach acidity is acting up so he decided against ordering for a cup of coffee. He ordered hot chocolate instead. He loved the cocoa taste. It reminded him of his childhood days wherein cocoa tablet is dropped in a boiling water.  

 strawberry waffle PhP150

Do you think having a filling lunch would stop us from ordering waffles? Not us lol

Strawberry syrup is poured over warm waffle and cream. Can you see the cream slowly melting on top of the waffle?

 chamomile tea pot PhP85

My cousin ordered a pot of Twining's chamomile tea. Honey was provided. I had a sip cup of chamomile too. You can ask to have your pot refilled with water.

banana caramel PhP145

As if ordering one waffle is not enough, we ordered another one- banana caramel! This order has several slices of banana with caramel syrup on top... delicious!

cafe mocha PhP135

Can you believe that it was my first time in Dome Cafe. I love the cozy ambiance even though I am inside the mall plus I didn't forget not to order cafe latte which has a very strong coffee flavor. Instead, I ordered cafe mocha which is more bearable in terms of coffee flavor.

macchiato short PhP85

Mom ordered cafe macchiato. Ever since my sister introduced this drink to her in Starbucks, she has been ordering it in any coffee shop that we went to.

Cafe Latte- milk is added to espresso.

Cafe Macchiato- espresso is added to milk.

Cafe Mocha- a variant of cafe latte. One third espresso and two thirds milk with chocolate syrup or a dash of cocoa powder included. 

my mom took this photo of me

I know I posted an entry about this outfit before but I have to post this photo because it was my mom who took it. 

I am happy that my cousin and I bonded over lunch and merienda as well. I hope we can do it again soon! Please join my latest giveaway!