Ode to my mother-in-law, Susana Martinez

At 4:30 a.m., my mother- in- law breathe her last breath last October 18, 2011 (September 22-lunar calendar). It is just one day short before my husband's birthday. She succumbed to lung cancer. I dedicate this post in loving memory of her. 

Susana Martinez celebrating life

I will tremendously miss driving for her to get a hair cut or do some grocery shopping and oh, cutting her toe nails, yes, I do cut her nails ; p

I can't forget the time when we stayed in Shanghai for a month. I spent most of the afternoons listening to her stories about life abroad and in the province. In other times, we spent the day watching Chinese soap operas where I cried buckets of tears. How can I forget the time when we went to Beijing to see The Great Wall of China where she gamely posed for the camera along side DH and I.

during her younger years

She is gone now but I don't think she totally left us. Her generosity and the kind heartedness she has shown towards her family member, relatives and friends will never be forgotten. Would you believe people were already streaming in even on the first day of her wake?

DH and I with my mother-in-law


I know that you are now in God's hand. You are finally free from all the pain and suffering that cancer had inflicted upon you. May papa and you reunite in heaven and watch over us.


In the eight years that I have lived with her, she has shown exceptional love and support. For that, I am truly grateful.