Together For A Future Free of Breast Cancer 2011

My event: October 13, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2011
Shine A Light on Breast Cancer
Seventh High
3/F The Club Room
9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City

The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. recently unveiled its 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign. It also launched "Shine A Light on Breast Cancer " Social Media Program on FaceBook and partnered with Philips for the illumination of the Transformation sculpture by Architect Lor Calma. The landmark lighted in pink LED lights can be seen at 32nd Street corner 5th Ave. at Fort Bonifacio Global City.

wearing a pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month that is why I am wearing the ribbon everyday to help spread and voice out the theme- TOGETHER. CONNECT. COMMUNICATE. CONQUER. FOR A FUTURE FREE OF BREAST CANCER.

Early Detection. Cure. Prevention.

The venue was really pretty in pink! Every where I look there was a tinged of pink in it starting with our bracelet and ribbon to the glasses and flowers. People were also requested to come in dressed in pink. Fortunately, I own a pink top and pink lipstick ; p

Mike Huang of SSI

When I saw this young man, I thought he looks familiar. Hmmm, I must have seen him somewhere. True enough, when his name was called, that's when I realized that he is "The Mike Huang"- owner of Store Specialist, Inc. The same person I often see in Inquirer's Lifestyle pages ; p

Supermodel Patty Betita Cancer Survivor Cancer Free 3 years and counting!

I can't believe that this statuesque beauty/ supermodel has been diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. It just shows that cancer can strike anybody. The good news is that Breast Cancer can be prevented.

Patty Betita's testimony about winning the battle with the dreaded disease:

Patty Betita Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer is 98% curable.

toast to the 2011 breast cancer awareness campaign

Women only need to do Breast Self Examination (BSE) once a month, 7 to 10 days after the start of your period. A simple task that can save your life!

At the mirror look out for :

  • Any change in size or shape of breast
  • Any dimpling of the skin
  • Any change in appearance of nipples
  • Any discharged from nipples (by squeezing gently)

Lying down:

  • Place pillow under left shoulder with left hand under head
  • Use middle three fingers of right hand (hold fingers flat) to check left breast
  • Pressed firmly, using small circular movements to feel for lumps
  • Start from outside edge of breast, going inwards in circles
  • Check entire breast, armpit and behind nipple
  • Repeat these steps using left hand to check right breast

In the shower:

  • Raise left arm behind head
  • Soap right hand and check left breast as described in the "lying down position"
  • Repeat the steps using the left hand to check right breast

To know more about Breast Self Examination, go to Breast Cancer Foundation.

MrsMartinez with Mike Huang

I can't let the opportunity pass without having my photo taken with Mike ; p

MrsMartinez with Patty Betita

She was so warm and nice. She is really tall in person. She just stooped down for this photo op lol

MrsMartinez with Shen of Shen's Addiction

Shen and I are channeling the BCA pose with clothes on, of course!

BCA pink ribbons

I truly support this cause because my MIL was diagnosed with cancer early last year. Seeing the grief, pain and suffering of a loved one is so heart wrenching. I would not want anybody to be in that state. So, I am urging you to be informed and wear a BCA pink ribbon this October to show your support. I already had mammogram last year. I advise you to do the same.

blogggers with Ms. Theya So of ADF, Estee Lauder Companies (second from left)

We left the place only after exchanging a few chika with Ms. Theya So, Marketing Manager of ADF. It was a fun night and we didn't want it to just end there so we went to 2nd's Comfort Food Revisited but that's another entry. You ought to wait it out to read all about our "chis-bugan" (chismis + chibog) until the next post.