Beauty Rush Candy Baby Body Double Mist by Victoria's Secret

I received this bottle of Victoria's Secret body double mist from an old friend of mine as a birthday gift. I only had a chance to try and apply it now because of the numerous product samples sent to me... not that I am complaining hahahha

 Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Double Mist 250ml

Hmmm.... smells oh so deliciously good! Smells like cotton candy... I love it! Read after the break to find out how I use it. And why it's called a body double mist ; )

under normal condition, the bottle looks half pink half transparent

Unless you shake the bottle, the oil remains at the bottom of the bottle.

upon shaking of the Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Double Mist bottle

You can see the small bubbles forming when you shake the bottle, it signals that the bottle is ready to be used and spritzed all over your body!

 apply on damp skin

So, how do I apply this? I usually apply this after I shower. Right after I finished towel drying myself. Well, not too dry. If that happens, I put water on my hands and spread the water all over my body. After shaking the bottle, I spray it all over. By this time the whole toilet smells like cotton candy... yummy!

result- smooth, moisturized skin all day

It doesn't feel sticky or oily after. The oil is immediately absorbed by the skin. Best of all, it smells like candy... cotton candy! By now, you know that already because I already mentioned it several times, right?

Why Body Double Mist? Because it has two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance to mix things up for soft, scented skin!

I am eyeing Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Drink Lotion next!