Korea Chronicle: Mount Sorak (Seoraksan National Park)

My visit: December 25, 2011

Day 3 (morning)

Seoraksan National Park

We brought two Canon cameras (IXUS 860IS & 350D) for our Korea trip. DH even got his tripod packed together with his clothes. You can just imagine how many luggage that we brought with us lol Anyway, what's my point?! I think the stunning view that we captured with our cameras speaks for itself! The agony of bringing 5 luggage is well worth it!

Mt. Sorak

DH & I were at Mt. Sorak on Christmas day. The view is breathtaking! Can I just say that it is picture perfect too?

entrance to Mt. Sorak

Unfortunately, the gondola ride going up to Mount Sorak is not in service that day due to strong wind. 

frog sculpture found at the step of the Buddha

However, our tour group was able to cover the grounds of Shinheungsa Temple. The Bronze Buddha is located near the entrance of the temple. Tongil Daebul represents Korean's wish- reunification of one country that has been divided for over half a century.

Bronze Buddha of Sinheungsa

The Great Unification Buddha, a 14.6-meter/48-foot, 108 ton gilt-bronze Buddha statue, called "Tongil Daebul", sits atop a 4.3-meter/15-foot high pedestal, of the same material, making the total height 18.9-meter/62-foot, excluding the lightning rod and nimbus.*

"Tongil Daebul"

The lotus pedestal is flanked with 16 delicately engraved panels and the forehead of Tongil Daebul is adorned with eight 8-centimeter/3-inch stones of amber, with a single piece of jade in the center that is 10-centimeter/4-inch in diameter.*

look how tiny I was compared to the foot of the statue

Tongil Daebul sits with legs crossed and half-closed eyes in meditation, his lips displaying a perceptible smile. A flowing robe with gentle folds, revealing the right shoulder, drapes the Buddha's robust torso. The hands of Tongil Daebul are positioned in the mudra symbolizing the "enlightened one."*

*SOURCE Wikipedia

monk offering a prayer

The Great Unification Buddha


As we walk passed the statue, we saw words written in these plaques. These plaques are for sale.

Ulsanbawi (peak) in Seoraksan National Park

Below are some photos that we took...

Ulsanbawi is a rock formation in Seoraksan National Park. To reach the top, you need to climb 888 steps. 


living on top of the mountain

I took this photo

amazing landscape by DH

I shot this

from the lens of DH's camera

Christmas tree

It's Christmas day and luckily I found this tree resembling my Christmas tree back home!

prayer sent to heaven

I went inside a temple to offer my prayers. I saw pieces of papers hanging below the lanterns. A woman motioned if I wanted to write on the piece of paper for a fee, I declined. 

my Ms Universe pose lol


Shinheungsa Temple in Seoraksan National Park 

DH & I

Gate Guardian Deva Kings at Sinheungsa Temple

Seoraksan National Park entrance

After visiting Seoraksan National Park and Applease Korea (apple wine making- next post!), we went straight for a dinner barbecue! Who is hungry?!

ready for dinner

I need a Korean so he/she can translate the name of this restaurant in english ; p

red meat

I am hungry


see if you can read the name of the Korean restaurant that we visited

Boy, with this tour, we have travelled all over South Korea. Guys, this is just Day 3, I still  owe you 7 days of Korean posts! Come back for more Korean Adventure!

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