Han's Farm Zu Ji Mong Apple Wine by Applease Korea Brewery Co.

My visit: December 25, 2011

Day 3 (afternoon)

Applease Korea Brewery Co. Ltd.,
69 Hupyeong-ri, Danchon-myeon,
Euiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

After taking in the stunning view of Mount Sorak, we travelled for several hours before reaching Applease Korea Brewery Co. Ltd.- an apple wine making factory. 

our very own bottle of Zu Ji Mong Apple Wine

The factory was closed because it's Christmas day but we were still able to see the machines used in making apple wine.

entrance to the store

An employee took our photos to stick to our own wine bottle. Then we were ushered inside the factory in another building where a huge collection of jars filled with apple wine were stored.

 jars of wine

We put our empty bottles of wine under one of the "faucet". Each of us collected and filled our bottles with wine.

cork machine

This machine places the cork inside the bottle.

 wine bottle sealer

You have to rotate the wine bottle inside the machine to seal it.

inside the winery

There was not much explanation during the tour. After getting our apple wine bottles, we went back to the first building where our photo was taken.

cook off lol

There were several rooms on the second floor where we were asked who in our group knew how to cook. As usual, DH volunteered myself.  The other guy was part of our tour group.

apple pancake... delicious!

 my first sip of pomegranate wine

Zu Ji Mong Apple Wine... cheers!

my bottle of apple wine

sticker and a bottle

After eating the apple pancake, our photos were handed to us. We were supposed to stick the photos on the bottle.

this wine cabinet was used as our background when our photo was taken

carefully sticking our photo on the bottle

my very own wine bottle

apple wine bottle packaging

apple wine store

After eating, we transfered to another room where they were selling apple and pomegranate wine.

ground floor where our photo was taken

I had a sip of the apple wine. The alcohol at 11% proved to be too much for me. The pomegranate wine tasted better but I never liked the taste of  alcoholic drink ; p

We visited Everland on Day 4... good times!