New find: Shang Tsu Tomas Morato

My visit: January 14, 2012

Shang Tsu
Unit 5 No. 74 Creekside Square
Tomas Morato Ave.,
Quezon City

I read about this newly opened restaurant along Tomas Morato called Shang Tsu in Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) a few weeks back. I told my girlfriends to dine here on our next get together but the plan didn't push through. Fortunately, when I nudge DH to give this restaurant a try after our dentist appointment, he said yes.

 crispy pork chop set meal PhP145

The restaurant's concept reminded me a lot of pientang (Taiwanese lunch box). I ordered what I always order when I am in Taiwan, crispy pork chop meal ; p

The pork chop is crispy but a little bland. I finished one of the three side dishes- sweet shredded bean curd, in a snap. I am just not sure if I can ask for a refill though lol

 fried kikiam PhP70

Kikiam is my favorite! I think I can eat two orders of kikiam in one seating ; p

 adobong tokwa PhP60

DH ordered adobong tokwa on the side. DH will eat anything that is marinated in adobo 
; )

kutchay (steam & fried) dumpling 6 pcs. PhP70

We both like Fu Chi dumplings more than Shang Tsu. Maybe we should try the cabbage dumpling next. 

spicy taiwan beef noodle soup PhP145

As usual, DH ordered a big bowl of beef noodle soup and a spicy one at that!

There is still a room for improvement in some of the dishes that I have tasted. But overall, I suggest you give this restaurant a try. The dishes are prepared in such a way that reminded me of a good home cooked meal.