Seattle's Best Coffee's Valentine Cookies & SBC Milk Tea

My event: February 10, 2012

Seattle's Best Coffee
Greenhills Town Center
Granada Street, San Juan

It's the love month! Seattle's Best Coffee introduced this limited edition Valentine Cookies last Friday over a cup of SBC Milk Tea. These delectable heart-shaped cookies come in 2 flavors- chocolate- flavored butter cookie and classic butter cookie. Each cookie is covered in fondant and carries 4 different designs. 

this heart-shaped cookie has my signature XOXO written on it ; p

I chose this yellow heart-shaped cookie because it has "xoxo" written on top of it ; p For some husbands (or sometimes boyfriends) like my DH who doesn't like giving flowers, heart-shaped cookies would do the trick hahaha DH should get me one, right now! After all, it's the thought that counts. 

 Seattle's Best Coffee's Valentine Cookies all four designs at PhP85 a piece

Packaged in a nice little red box, SBC Valentine Cookie is available until February 21, 2012 in your favorite SBC branch today for only PhP85 a piece. It's a little price to pay to show how much you care.

Seattle's Best Coffee's cold beverage Milk Tea

With the milk tea craze we have all around us, SBC came up with a tag- The "best" coffee has exactly your cup of tea in SBC's Milk Tea. Each cup is a blend of black and green tea infused with the sweetness of caramel. You have the option to enjoy it hot or over ice with red tapioca pearls.

At first sip of this cold beverage, the taste reminded me of my childhood favorite "Peter's Butter Ball" candy. It was sweet but you can always ask for more ice to dilute the caramel flavored drink. You can share the sweetness of this drink with the one you love ; p In line with SBC's color, red tapioca pearls are used instead of the usual black ones. 

SBC Milk Tea (cold) is available in Medium (PhP110) and Large (PhP120).

SBC Milk Tea hot beverage

One sip and I know this drink is way too sweet for me. I learned that it has the same formula as with its cold counterpart but the sweetness is just too much for me. But this is just me and my post should never stop you from indulging in something sweet once in a while. Let me know after you have tried it, ok?

SBC Milk Tea (hot) is available in Medium (PhP100) and Large (PhP110) until March 31, 2012. Visit one of the 18 SBC branches throughout Metro Manila and Cebu for this limited time only offer. 

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