Chung Mi Rae Korean Delicacies in Timog, Quezon City

May 19, 2012

Chung Mi Rae
Unit #6 24K Mansion
Timog Ave. cor. Scout Tuazon,
Quezon City

The day we arrived from Taiwan, DH and I realized how much we miss Korean BBQ. We remembered the waitress in Yawori who has told us that there were several Korean restaurants around the area so we went around Timog Ave. and found a hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant- Chung Mi Rae.

 Anshim (grilled tenderloin) PhP1200

When you get past the stench and settled in your seat, you will discover that Chung Mi Rae serves delectable Korean BBQ. 

We only ordered Anshim, pretty pricey but well worth every peso. An order of grilled tenderloin comes with slices of onions and potaoes, garlic and enoki mushroom. 


With its inconspicuous signage, I was shocked when I was told that the restaurant has been in the area for more than 10 years. It has even surpassed the Korean restaurant next door. The food must be great!

 as with any other Korean restaurants, the meat is grilled for you

We told the waiter to cook the BBQ at the table behind us since there was no one occupying it. 

Korean tea and 8 different Banchan

ojingo-dried squid

My favorite banchan (side dish) in this restaurant is ojingo. DH and I both agreed that its sweet and spicy taste is a hit!

 slices of garlic and chili; Gireumjang-sesame oil with salt & pepper dipping sauce; ssamjang

perilla leaves or sesame leaves and lettuce for sangchu-ssam

Korean BBQ

The meat is tender and for the first time in our Korean BBQ episode, we have leftover! We could not finish one order. I promised myself that I will be back! Hopefully sooner than later!

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